Any adult who plans on working or volunteering with children in any capacity in the Catholic Church or Saint Ignatius Parish MUST complete safe environment training through Safe Parish, as well as a background check, AND stay up to date on quarterly bulletins as they come to you via email.

See directions below for the scenario that best describes your needs. Click the links on the right for more detailed, picture-based instructions.

SafeParish Registration Process: (NEW USERS)

1. Go to this website and click “Register” 

2. Enter Password: protectcincy

3. Select “St. Ignatius Loyola – Cincinnati”

4. Select volunteer (Or Employee if applicable)

5. Enter Personal Information

6. Continue to follow the prompts to complete the online background check AND complete the full video training online.

7. When it comes time to PAY for the background check volunteers who offer sustained service to our parish are eligible for the cost of the background check to be covered by the parish. If that is the case please contact via email: for a token that will serve as individual payment.

Complete Missing Trainings and/or Background Check:

1. Go to the AoC Safe Parish website

2. Login

3. Click “Training”

4. Click “Due”

5. Complete the checklist by clicking the missing items (you will be redirected to what is needed)
Example: Click “Complete Online Background Check” or  “Complete All Training”

 6. If background check is needed and you are a consistent volunteer with the parish please contact via email at  for payment token

7. Remember to keep up with quarterly video trainings by repeating this process when prompted via email


To Check your completion of requirements, follow the instructions below:

1. Visit

2. Log in

3. Select My Account

4. Look at the list for compliance (the box in front of each should be solid black if completed, and ALL MUST BE COMPLETED for  APPROVED  compliance)

5 .Click on ALL that are not completed and follow the prompts to complete

 *Instructions to Accept the Updated Decree*:

1. Log in to your SafeParish account

2. Click ‘My Account’

3. Click ‘decree’

4. Click BOTH links that appear to show the system you read the updates

5. Click the big long blue button confirming you downloaded, read, and accept the new decree.

6. Click ‘My Account’ again to ensure all boxes are BLACK which means that task is done

A summary of the updates can be found on the right hand of the screen, as well as detailed instructions and visual aids for how to acknowledge the updated decree.

All users must complete this step by the end of July 2023 in order for their accounts to remain active.

Email: with questions.

Add Saint Ignatius as secondary location in already existing account:

1. Login to your Safe parish account

2. Click on “My Account”.

3. Under the check boxes a small orange link is there that says “Edit Orgs/Roles”, click that.

4. Click “Add organization” find Saint Ignatius of Loyola, and submit!




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