Virtus is now SafeParish

The Archdiocese has introduced a new program to replace Virtus.
It is called SafeParish.

Virtus Active Members

If you were active in Virtus you will not need to attend a training class or do another background check, however you do need to register for SafeParish. Instead of doing monthly bulletins you will be sent a quarterly bulletin.  Use the step by step instructions found on this page below or download the PDF to register.

New Volunteers (Never registered for Virtus)

If you are a new volunteer please email Emily Branscum at first to get a token # that will pay the $25 fee for your background check. You will still need to go through the step by step instructions provided on this page, but need the token # to help you complete this process. 

If you have any questions please call Emily Branscum at 661.6565, ext 2711 or email her at

For step by step instructions on how to register in the new platform SafeParish, Click HERE to access a PDF, or scroll below for instruction. 

Weekly Emails

Each Tuesday SafeParish sends an email regarding the updated child protection and workplace saftey articles that are posted on the SafeParish website. These articles are NOT required but are recommended reading.

Mandatory Quarterly Bulletins

The first bulletin should be issued around September 1st. Emails coming from SafeParish will notify users of the quarterly training, which will also appear in their account under training that is due. Users can check for training that is due after logging into their SafeParish account by going to the Training Tab and click on the ‘Due’ link to see which bulletins are due and their due date.

Hello and welcome to the new Archdiocese of Cincinnati Child Protection platform — SafeParish™. As an active child protection account holder, you must register for your SafeParish™ account to continue to work and volunteer in the Archdiocese. If you have completed your background and training requirements, that information will be imported to your SafeParish™ account and no additional background or training will be required.

If you are a new employee or volunteer, please register for your SafeParish™ account and complete your background and training requirements. Registration instructions are below. Please contact your local safe environment coordinator with questions.


Go to

Click “Register” on the top right of the home page

Enter the passcode protectcincy when prompted.

Select the location from the drop down where you are employed or volunteer.

Click the role(s) associated with your employment/service at the parish, school, or Archdiocesan institution. Select a sub-role from the drop down to describe your employment/service at this location.

If you are active at only this location, this will be your primary location.

If you are active at more than one location, click the ADD PARISH/LOCATION button and repeat the steps above. With more than one location, please click the “This is my main/primary location” radio button to indicate where you are employed or, if you are a volunteer, where most of your ministry or service is performed.

Complete your personal information. Please enter your legal name for the purposes of the background screening. There are no credit checks and no soft hits to credit.

Create a username, password and password clue.

If information regarding your previous safe environment account can be located, it will be displayed. Click the radio button for the correct choice or choose none of the above if none of the information pertains to you. If your information was found and you clicked the appropriate radio button information regarding your training and background check dates will be transferred into your SafeParish account.

Agree to the Terms of Use and click SUBMIT.

If you have not previously completed an online background check you will be prompted to submit information for a background screening through

You will be required to acknowledge that you have downloaded and accepted the terms of the Decree.

If you have not previously completed child protection training you will be prompted to view SafeParish: Protecting Children From Sexual Abuse — Archdiocese of Cincinnati. (If you have completed a background check through VIRTUS, no new background check will be required also if you have attended VIRTUS training, no new training will be required.)

If you have completed the required background checks and child protect training, you will be prompted to click the link to Continue to the Home Page. Your registration is complete.

If you need to complete background check requirements or training, you may use the links in your approval checklist to access these requirements. These steps may be completed all at once or may be completed separately at your convenience. You will receive an automated email weekly to remind you which requirements are outstanding. When all compliance requirements have been completed, your account will be approved, and you will be clear to work/volunteer with youth and vulnerable adults.

Should you need any assistance, please contact your local Safe Environment coordinator.

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