Natural Family Planning

There are many misconceptions about Natural Family Planning. Natural Family Planning works by recognizing and interpreting a woman’s signs of fertility throughout her cycle. By observing and interpreting theses signs, a couple can discern each month whether to try to achieve or to avoid pregnancy. At all times, the couple is open to the possibility of a new life as a gift from God.

There are several different methods of tracking a woman’s fertility cycle. Different methods work better for different couples because no two cycles are identical, each woman’s body is unique. You do not have to have a “regular” cycle to practice NFP.  Based on observed signs, a set of rules is applied whether the couple is trying to achieve pregnancy or avoid a pregnancy.

Often times, couples are introduced to NFP when they are trying to achieve pregnancy. During each cycle, a woman has naturally fertile days and naturally infertile days. When a couple learns these signs and is knowledgeable about when the fertile days are, they have a better chance of conceiving.

If the couple has discerned a need to avoid pregnancy, when practiced properly, NFP methods are 99% effective in avoiding pregnancy.

A couple practicing NFP recognizes the dignity of the whole person, fertility and all, and gives a complete and total gift of self in the marital act. We all deserve authentic love. We are made for love: free, total, faithful and fruitful love.

This group at St. Ignatius provides information for achieving or avoiding pregnancies. NFP is in harmony with the moral teachings of the Church.  It is safe and effective.  Contact Bernie & Coleen Karwisch.

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