Parish Health Ministry

The Parish Health Ministry seeks to promote individual, family, and community health in body, mind, and spirit. It helps people help themselves through education, prevention, and supportive services. These services include: visiting the sick, transportation, meals, respite care, health screenings, a prayer shawl ministry, and a Health and Safety Fair for St. Ignatius school children near the end of the school year. The ministry also sponsors blood pressure screenings on the Last Sunday of the month after all morning Masses and at monthly Seniors meeting.

Volunteers are always needed.

For more information please contact
Barb Evans (513) 574-5720 or Barb Ehrhardt (513) 574-4762


Parish Health: Did You Know……

Blood Pressures will be taken after all Masses on May 25, 26 in the Bride’s Room by the front entrance of church.

We all have stress,  stop it before it stops you!  Continuing with tips to ease stress: (For a complete list of the 13 tips, stop in the Bride’s Room for a copy.)
-Exercise regularly.  You’ll feel better and be better prepared to handle problems.
-Learn and Practice relaxation techniques.  Try breathing exercises, meditation, prayer, yoga, or Tai Chi.
-Eat healthy.  Avoid too much sugar.  Focus on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein.  When you’re stressed you will probably want less nutritious comfort foods, but if you overdo them, they will add to your problems.

Grief Support group will meet Thursday, May 23 at 7:00pm at the St. James Parish Center  Topic is Powerlessness.  Have you felt at a loss  that you can’t control events, your life? This discussion may help.

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