Parish Health Ministry

The Parish Health Ministry seeks to promote individual, family, and community health in body, mind, and spirit. It helps people help themselves through education, prevention, and supportive services. These services include: visiting the sick, transportation, meals, respite care, health screenings, a prayer shawl ministry, and a Health and Safety Fair for St. Ignatius school children near the end of the school year. The ministry also sponsors blood pressure screenings on the Last Sunday of the month after all morning Masses and at monthly Seniors meeting.

Volunteers are always needed.

For more information please contact
Barb Evans (513) 484-3893 or Barb Ehrhardt (513) 574-4762

Parish Health: Did You Know……

Is your loved one, or friend in the hospital, nursing home, or in their final days?  Or home from the hospital and can’t get to church for a few weeks and would like communion?  Please let us know by calling the parish office so that we can visit, or help as needed.  Hospitals and nursing homes are not allowed to call us, so it is up to You!

If you have lost someone through death in the past year or many years ago and would like to go out to lunch with a group of women,  go to Nick and Tom’s on Bridgetown Rd. on Thursday, July 11th at 12:15pm and you will enjoy the company of other women who have had the same experience.  Questions, call Ann Suttmann at 513-236-8202.

Take care of your body and give it the love and care that it needs.  You need not compare yourself to those around you,  thank the Lord for what He has given you.  When you go through days of difficulty, temptation,  stress, find time to thank God for this day and  and ask to begin today with a clean slate, to begin the day with a positive state of mind, to help rid your mind of discouraging thoughts, and see the joy of life.

If you want to lift yourself up,  lift someone else.
Booker T. Washington

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