Pastoral Council

Pastoral council assists the pastoral staff in determining, evaluating, and prioritizing the spiritual, social and temporal activities of the parish. Also, the council provides for communication and cooperation among the commissions, the organizations in the parish and parishioners. The current members are listed below and on the front cover of the Church Bulletin.


Larry Smith (President) – 513-240-7830
Jason Lesko (Vice President)- 513-233-8155
Kevin Byrum – 513-477-6013
Tom Evans- 513-407-8878
Barb Hekler- 513-498-7884
Suzie Kleeman- 513-379-4209
Ric Aielli- 513-661-9027
Larry Sickman- 513-289-5900
Kirk Fischesser- 513-702-9118

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