Mary Garden Showers

First Mary Garden Shower
May 22 

Our Walking with Moms Ministry that started a year ago is excited to share with you that we will be hosting our second baby shower next month! We are now a Mary Garden Shower chapter that aligns with supporting pregnant moms in need. Raylynn was referred to us by the Pregnancy Care Center West. She is having a baby boy! This has been a years worth of work to get to this point and we are so thankful to our core team, Brad Macke, and Bishop-Elect Fernandes.  All are welcome but RSVP is required.

RSVP by emailing 

Registry Link: 


All gifts purchased on the registry will be shipped to the parish! 

Our Walking with Moms in Need (WWM) year of service continues and with the support of Fr. Fernandes, we have launched St. Ignatius as an official Mary Garden Showers (MGS) chapter! This ministry is a way that our parish can serve those in need beyond our WWM year of service. We will host baby showers a few times a year at St. Ignatius for women referred to us through Pregnancy Center West (PCW) and plan to have our first shower in early 2022. MGS is truly an entire parish ministry; everyone is invited to attend the showers to celebrate the mom, pray with her, and provide needed gifts from her registry. Being present to these women can be just as great of a gift as a material gift, and is a way to evangelize and share Christ’s love. More details to come, but there will be many different ways that you as a parishioner can participate.

The MGS we host at St. Ignatius are meant to complement the work that the Respect Life Committee does to support PCW through their Baby Bottle Drives. The goal is for the parish to continue to support those drives as we have in the past since they are crucial to providing funds and needed items for PCW in their mission to support and protect life. With the addition of MGS, our parish will be helping women in need on two levels: helping a lot of women in a small way through the Baby Bottle Drive and helping a few women in a larger way by accompanying and supporting them with our MGS. Both will help our community to spread love and support to women in need!

We also have been working with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati (AoC) to help them update their website to include our list of researched, local resources for women in need. The AoC website will house links to these organizations for all parishes to reference to help direct those in need. We hope to share that link with you this fall.

We thank you in advance for your continued prayers and support!

For more information about the launching of the new Mary Garden Showers Chapter at St. Ignatius, contact Emily or Michelle at

To learn more about Mary Garden Showers Mission check out

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