Advent & Christmas Invite

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Christmas Eve, Nativity of the Lord, & Epiphany Mass Schedule


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 Invite to Mass & Letter from Father

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Memorial Flower Fund

Please return donation cards by
December 20 or click on the graphic to make an online donation. More cards can be found at the doors of church or in the parish office.
A complete list of remembrances will be posted in January on the St. Ignatius website and on the church bulletin boards.





Advent Opportunities

Seeking Our Savior:
An Advent Family Event
December 3
Advanced online registration required. SOS event is for ages 10 and under.

Magnificat Advent Companion Booklet or Little Blue Book
At the doors of church November 25/26


St. Ignatius Giving Tree

The 8th grade Girl Scouts are coordinators for the Giving Trees that will be in the front and back of church starting Saturday, November 25th. All are invited to participate in this annual Christmas service project, which benefits various pregnancy centers, seniors, and underserved children and families in our area.

Return gifts with ornament tag attached by 12:00pm mass on Sunday, December 10th, 2023. 

Please call Julie Doerger with any questions
(513) 477-8249. Thank you for your generosity and continued commitment to this cause.


Mater Filius

Mater Filius Home provides housing for expectant women who have no place to stay and need support to stabilize themselves as they learn to be nurturing mothers. Knights of Columbus will be holding a collection December 2 & 3 after Masses.



Mike Davis Concert
December 15

Featuring: Popular Singer and Catholic Evangelist Mike Davis. Prepare for the coming of Christ this Advent by joining Mike Davis for a powerful night of prayer, music and scripture. It is a night of power and prayer that can change your life! The event is free to the public. 
(A Freewill Donation Is Always Appreciated)

Rorate Mass 
December 16

Doughnut breakfast/social to follow at Loyola Hall

The Rorate Mass is a particular votive Mass in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary celebrated during Advent. The atmosphere of this Mass is different: it is meant to specifically express the expectant and prayerful waiting of Advent in a visual and experiential way. It is celebrated before first light and is entirely candle-lit (accounting for our early start time). The Mass gets its name from its entrance antiphon, which begins with the words “Rorate Caeli”, meaning “drop down, you heavens.” The antiphon in full is taken from the book of the prophet Isaiah: “Drop down, you heavens, from above, and let the clouds rain down the just one.” This quote encapsulates the prophetic expectation of the Messiah, fulfilled at the coming of Christ through Mary.

This is an opportunity to enter the Mass in (literally) a different light and a tradition that can help give shape to Advent, which, even within the Church, has gotten somewhat lost in the rush to celebrate Christmas.

In short, there’s no better use of your Saturday morning—please join us for this Advent Mass!


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