Women’s Christ Renews His Parish Retreat

Please pray for these women as they will be attending the Women’s Christ Renew’s His Parish Retreat on Feb. 29 & March 1.

Marilyn Kaplan
Marilyn Doerger
Pam Lohbeck
Denise Corrou
Crystal Dalton
Sherry Grow
Bethany Mullen
Sara Johansing
Tree (Teresa) Schmitz
Connie Song
Hemmi Song
Pam Schoenlaub
Emma Taphorn
Kelly Deller
Marian Frederick
Alison Bailey
Kathleen Gates
Kathleen Duffy
Sally Maloney
Sharon Lesch
Sherry Steinriede
Lois Kremer
Virginia Sinkhorn

For more information, contact Emily Helferich at 513-582-6778 or Diane Buchanan at 513-703-6859 or email us at christrenewswomen@sainti.org

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