Why Try Fasting?

Anyone tuned in to current health trends has heard big claims tied to the practice of fasting, particularly, intermittent fasting. The benefits reach far and wide and include assisting in the regulation of insulin secretion, clearing “brain fog” and ridding the body of toxins to name a few. In fact, author Jay Richards, who wrote the book, “Eat, Fast and Feast: A Christian Guide to Healing Your Body While Feeding Your Soul”, discusses how he wrote his book in a fasted state and experienced greater mental clarity and focus. There are mounds of research and evidence to support his claim and point in favor of regular fasting for physical health.

But did you know that fasting is not only good for your body, but also for your soul? Did you know that regular fasting creates a deeper and more intimate relationship with Jesus? Did you know that combining fasting with prayer has the ability to elevate your prayers in a powerful way, particularly when offered for a specific prayer intention?

This Lent, I invite you to consider joining me in committing to a weekly day of fasting, which traditionally includes fasting from food and drink other than water (I also drink coffee and tea on fasting days). Because there are circumstances that prevent some people from fasting (medically and psychologically), this could also include fasting from “things” such as technology or television.

 The goal is to create a community of support amongst parishioners which lifts up our prayer intentions and all those offering the self sacrifice of fasting along with us. Fasting is difficult. It is supposed to be. But it should not be torture and is in no way, impossible, particularly when done along side others who are praying for us. I invite you to watch this informative video (https://bit.ly/WhyShouldChristiansFast) which beautifully describes the reasons and benefits of fasting and If you are interested in coming alongside me on this Lenten journey, please email me at krewwer@sainti.org or call (513) 661-6565 ext 2742 for specifics. Thank you and may God bless you and keep you safe.

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