Saint Peter Upendo

The Beginning

St. Peter Upendo Parish is in the resettlement area of Upendo (population 1,000) in Molo, Kenya.  This resettlement area was created in 2005 on land donated by the Catholic Archdiocese of Nakuru in the wake of brutal election violence.

Daniel Odipo, a native of Molo and now a St. Ignatius Parishioner, joined St. I’s Men’s Society in March, 2013.  As we looked for projects to help their parish through Daniel we did beginner things like donate a beautiful hand-made cross from Deacon Tony and provide funding for some church pews and for choir uniforms.

In April, 2016 the Holy Father’s Prayer for the month was that “Christians in Africa may give witness to love and faith in Jesus Christ amid political-religious conflicts “. After prayerful reflection and direction from the Holy Spirit, the Men’s Society responded to the Holy Father’s call and started work on petitioning St. I’s Pastoral Council to make St. Peter Upendo Parish an official mission parish.

The Breakthrough – Mission Parish

 After an request/presentation by the Men’s Society at the August’16 Pastoral meeting, St. Peter Upendo was made a official St. I’s Mission Parish joining St. Leo’s, McCreary County and Guatemala. They were named the school’s mission collection for Oct’16.  That collection raised over $2,000 which enabled Daniel to deliver donated clothes/priest vestments and the 1st shipment of water purifier packets on Christmas Day 2016. There was also a  Parish Special Collection in Mar’17.  Upendo is the Swahilian word for “Love” and due to the incredible generosity of St. I’s, we have been able show that love for our Catholic Brothers and Sisters by:

  • Providing Medical Care
  • Providing Clean Water via P&G Purifier of Water Packets
  • Providing Salary to the Auxiliary Teaching Staff
  • Providing a Library and Textbooks
  • Providing Donated Clothing and Priest Vestments
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