The history of our twinning relationship between St. Ignatius Loyola Parish in Cincinnati Ohio and San José la Comundad and Nuestra Señora del Milagro of Mixco Guatemala

1995 – The archdiocese asks parishes to consider twinning relationships. The Peace and Justice committee forms a mission subcommittee. Mark Holtel is the chairperson. We are put in contact with Maryknoll Sisters Tere and Marilyn. Sister Tere did a mission appeal at St. Ignatius. The committee decided to explore twinning with this parish. From the beginning we wanted the relationship to be more than the occasional check and letters. We wanted mutual visits.
Sr. Tere explained that it would be difficult since she and Marilyn did not have guest accommodations. By chance someone knew of Fr. Bill Jansen who had room at his rectory.

1996 – October 20, Mission Sunday — The first Covenant Relationship document is signed with San José la Comunidad. Mark Holtel and Fr. John Mattscheck travel to Guatemala to see first hand the work that Sr. Tere and Sr. Marilyn are doing in Mixco. We promise to pray for one another and share resources.

During the next year we discern to expand the relationship to include Fr. Bill Jansen’s parish Nuestra Señora del Milagro which is also located in Mixco.

1997 – November 22, Greg Lamping travels to Guatemala. On November 23, the covenant is renewed with San José la Comundad. There is a simultaneous formal signing of the Covenant relationship at St. Ignatius.

1997 – November 27, Nikki Barnett travels to Guatemala. Greg and Nikki travel to the different chapels and neighborhoods to talk about our hopes for the covenant relationship.

1997 – November 30, we sign a formal Covenant with with Nuestra Señora del Milagro Parish also with a simultaneous signing at St. Ignatius.

Since both parishes have a chapel named San José we continue to refer to both collectively as San José.

1997 – Christmas – The first St. Ignatius Music album is produced and proceeds go to the Clínica Daniel Comboni. Channel 12 News does a news segment, the 10:30 Music Group plays live on the air, Jenny Bates is group leader. Donates proceeds of album to the Clinic, $5000.

1998 – April – We receive the first group from Fr. Jansen’s parish of Nuestra Señora del Milagro. Travelers include: Guisela Sinay, Dorotea Chuy, Eduarda Tubac, Rodorico Marroquin, Odilia Marroquin, Rogelio Chaper and Fr. Bill Jansen.
They are welcomed by a number of families in the parish who host them for meals and lodging. They visit virtually every group at the parish. The trip is recognized in the Catholic Telegraph.

1999 – Mark and Lorraine Holtel return to Guatemala spending time in both parishes.

2000 – Deacon Luis Riva goes to Guatemala spending time in both parishes.

2001 – Greg Lamping, Mark Hotel travels to Guatemala spending time in both parishes.

2002 – Guísela Sinay, Ángela y Gustavo, Rosa Elena Tubac are the second group from Guatemala to visit Cincinnati. Staying in the homes of St. Ignatius parish members.

2003 – A selection of teachers from St. Ignatius school visit Guatemala. Jane Nieman, Sylvia Hudepohl, Meghan Fox, Laura Sieve, Katie Seifert, Chip Branscum, Pat LaMonte, Marcella Donohue (translator)

2004 – April, Padre Antonio, Amparo de González, Julia Quintana and Armando travel to Cincinnati, staying with host familias from St. Ignatius.

2005 – Fr. John Wall, Connie Peace, Keith Peace, Elaine McNeill, Marlene Schirmer, Mariella Jaen (translator), Wes Ledyard, Scott Ledyard, Fr. Bill Jansen travel to Guatemala.

2006 – April, Mirna de Gómez, Roxana y Gabriel Xuya, Padre de Zona 10 travel to Cincinnati

2007 – August, Fr. Pete St. George, Jessica Daly, Sandy Auberger, Bill Tonis, Greg Lamping (translator) Bill Magness, Dan Magness, Robert Wood travel to Guatemala.

2008 – September, María Ilaria Saban, David Culajay, Víctor Monterroso, Padre José Manuel travel to Cincinnati.

2009 – August, Chip Branscum , Emily Branscum, Carina Thiemann (translator), Barb Evans, Dian Hackman, John Flohr, Scott Wright (Seminarian), Mary Lamping, Pat LaMonte travel to Guatemala.

2010 – Trip cancelled, all Guatemalans are denied visas to visit the United States.

2011 – August, Bill Magness, Linda Trenn, Jane Nieman, John Flohr, Julie Flohr, Kate Branscum, Ike Placke (translator), Wil Placke travel to Guatemala.

2012 – January, Francois Armas visits from Guatemala. Francois is the Director of the Coligio Mixco Monte Real School and is here to observe how our school operates and to practice his English. Coligio Mixco Monte Real School is located within the San José la Comundad parish.

2012 / 2013 – December, Linda Trenn travels to Guatemala from St. Ignatius parish, as a Lay Associate of the Sisters of Charity. Linda is working with Sister Sarah at the Clinic and with Fracois at the school. She is living in Guatemala for the year.

2013 – August 5 through 13: St. Ignatius Parish is planning another trip to Guatemala.

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