Seeking Integrity


1. Treating Pornography Addiction: The Essential Tools for Recovery – Kevin B. Skinner,

• Intended primarily for those struggling with addiction.
• An honest and open look at pornography addiction and practical steps towards recovery. Not specifically Catholic.

2. Out Of The Darkness: The Catholic Man’s Guide To Breaking Pornography Addiction –
Dreck Masters

• Particularly directed towards married Catholic men struggling with addiction.
• Defines terms and concepts, explaining the psychological, physical, and spiritual effects of pornography.
• Provides practical directives for rooting out this vice.

3. Delivered – True Stories of Men and Women Who Turned from Porn to Purity – Matt Fradd

• A good read for anybody affected by pornography in some way, which is arguably most people.
• While this book provides information on pornography, its power comes from its true stories, which help to contextualize and make real the problems of pornography and the joy and peace which come with freedom from it.
• A good source of hope and motivation for healing.

4. Restored: True Stories of Love and Trust After Porn – Matt and Cameron Fradd

• Aimed specifically at wives of men addicted to pornography.
• An honest look at how pornography usage affects wives and an analysis of their typical thoughts and reactions, using the perspective and grounding of true stories.
• Although the stories in this book portray restoration of trust, they still carry with them the sadness of sin’s effects—do not expect feel-good or fairy tale endings.

5. Treating Trauma from Sexual Betrayal: The Essential Tools for Healing by Kevin B.
Skinner, Ph.D.

• For spouses of those addicted to pornography or otherwise breaking their vow of fidelity.
• Presents thorough data on betrayal trauma and provides steps for healing. Not specifically Catholic.

Meetings/Support Groups

1. SA (Sexaholics Anonymous)

• A recovery program based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.

2. Catholic in Recovery –

• Nearest meetings are at the Cathedral of St. Peter in Chains in Cincinnati and St. John the Baptist in Harrison.
• In addition to meetings for those addicted, St. John the Baptist in Harrison also hosts a meeting for family and friends support.
• Virtual meetings are also available for addicts and for those affected.

3. Clean of Heart –

• Support group of Catholic men in Cincinnati who are committed to chastity. Meetings are at Ruah Woods.

Online Resources

1. Covenant Eyes –

• Subscription-based accountability software which sends blurred images of your online activity to a friend of your choice.
• Also provides a free 21-day detox program involving five minute videos with information/challenges (Strive21).

2. Fight the New Drug –

• This is the world's premier organization fighting against pornography. It is not religiously affiliated and makes a point of sticking only to the positive sciences as the basis for discussing pornography.
• Provides a free three-part documentary (aimed particularly at young adults) discussing porn’s effects on the brain, on our heart, and on the world.
• Provides conversation guides for talking about pornography to a variety of people.
• Includes a free online program/app (Fortify) to help overcome addiction.


1. Ruah Woods

• Does not accept insurance.
• Deeply Catholic and specializing in Theology of the Body.

2. Counseling Alliance –

• Does not accept insurance.
• Christian but not Catholic.
• Experienced in sex addiction therapy.

3. Catholic Charities Southwest Ohio –

• Accepts insurance.
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