All New Volunteers & Coaches Mandatory VIRTUS

All New Volunteers & Coaches Mandatory VIRTUS and Background Check Process

All volunteers and coaches before volunteering must complete the VIRTUS training and a background check.

Follow these steps to open an account:

1. Make an account on and select a training session at a Cincinnati Archdiocese school/ parish. (Your name should be listed the same way as your driver’s license.) • Mark “St. Ignatius” as your primary location • Sign up for a live training session. Before coaching or volunteering, you must complete the class. You may take any session in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.
Here are some dates and locations for training sessions in June/July in our area:

Tues.7/9     St. Ann (Groesbeck) 6:00pm
Sun. 7/14    Sacred Heart-Fairfield 6:00pm
Mon. 7/15   St. James the Greater 6:30pm
Mon. 7/22   St. Ignatius 6:30pm
Mon. 7/29   St. Michael 6:15pm
If you already have a VIRTUS account, go to the “Update My Account” link in the top right hand corner of your screen once logged in. You can then add St. Ignatius as a location. Contact Deacon Mike or Barb Campbell to see if you need to complete the online background check.

2. Login to and click the Toolbox tab, then look on the left hand side for “ Background Check.” This will take you to the Fastrax website where you should follow the prompts and enter your information as it appears on your driver’s license or state ID. Enter your one-time use token when prompted as well. Allow two to four days for results

3. Keep up with monthly bulletins. Failure to do so will result in an inactivation of your VIRTUS account causing you to be ineligible to volunteer/ coach/ teach, etc. Do not rely on an email from notifying you of new bulletin content. All volunteers/coaches and employees must be in compliance at all times in order to have contact with children. This means that everyone, after attending a training session, has to have up-todate background checks, and cannot miss more than three monthly bulletins.

Barb Campbell,
Dcn. Mike Erb,

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