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Help to create a sacred space
for the children of our Parish!

Seeking Volunteer Assistants in the Atrium

We will be looking for volunteers to sign up to be assistants for our school sessions once a week for the first semester of school this year (Fall 2024).

Volunteers must be Safe Parish trained and up to date on bulletins, approved by School Administration, and attend a brief training session at the beginning of the school year. 

Catechesis of The Good Shepherd is a beautiful experience for the children, but we have also come to discover that the adults that accompany the children are impacted by their time in the atrium. We need your help to make the atrium a beautiful and peaceful space for the children to grow in their relationship with God, and we also hope to share the blessings that come from taking part in this experience. 

Responsibilities of an assistant (aid) in the atrium include:

  • Helping to maintain the prayerful atmosphere
  • Accompanying children with candle use
  • Reading scripture booklets to a child if a child asks, to aid them in their working with the material
  • Assist Catechist in Record Keeping of Catechetical Presentations
  • Assist with restroom breaks as needed
  • Helping CGS Director with resetting the environment before and/or after sessions

We ask that you consider helping us this year, and/or share this information with grandparents or relatives that might be interested in volunteering as well. If you are interested in helping in the atrium, please contact Elaine Kroger at or 513-661-6565 x2725 or Madalyn Hardig at or 513-661-6565 x2740.

For assistance with getting Safe Parish training please go to or reach out to Emily Branscum at or 513-661-6565 ext. 2711.

For more information about this beautiful Catechesis please visit or

Woodworkers and Artists Needed!

St. Ignatius’ Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program is in need of volunteer woodworkers and artists to help build furniture and materials in the atrium which is the prepared environment for the children. 
The atrium is kind of like the “classroom” for this program but it is more of a kind of retreat space for them. The space is designed to promote their spiritual growth and development as well as their religious formation. It is a space that also prepares them for involvement in the larger worship community.
 If you are interested in helping or want to learn more about the program please contact Madalyn Hardig at or 513-661-6565, ext. 2740.
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