Tuition & Financial Aid

With the continued support of the St. Ignatius of Loyola Church community, tuition is expected to remain well below the cost per student.

Tuition rates are determined by the Finance Commission and Parish Council.Questions regarding tuition and fees should be directed to the Director of Parish Development, Barb Campbell, 661-6565.

St. Ignatius School is an approved provider for the Autism and Jon Peterson Scholarships in Ohio. The Scholarship funds are used to support the inclusion program, not to cover tuition.

St. Ignatius also accepts EdChoice. For more information, please call the school office at 513-389-3242.

A limited amount of tuition aid is available for families who have a documented history of participation in the life of the parish for at least 6 months.

Please visit this link for more information on applying for tuition assistance through the Catholic Education Foundation. The deadline to apply is January 31st.

Tuition for 2023-2024 as determined by the Parish Finance Committee is as follows.


Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program

The Jon Peterson Special Needs (JPSN) Scholarship Program provides scholarships to students who are eligible to attend kindergarten through 12th grade and have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) from their district. The amount of each scholarship will be based on the primary disability condition identified on the student’s Evaluation Team Report (ETR). The scholarship amount is used to pay for the services each child needs as identified on their IEP.  This scholarship can not be used to pay tuition.

Questions about this scholarship at St. Ignatius, please contact Ann Shoemaker, Director of Inclusion.

Questions about the Scholarship use this link.

Autism Scholarship Program

The Autism Scholarship Program (ASP) gives the parents of children with autism who qualify for a scholarship the choice to send the child to a special education program other than the one operated by the school district of residence to receive their education and the services outlined in the child’s individualized education program (IEP).

Any student who has been identified by their district as a child with autism and for whom the district has created an individualized education plan (IEP) qualifies for the Autism Scholarship program.

The student must have a current IEP from the district of residence that is finalized and all parties, including the parent, must be in agreement with the IEP.

The scholarship is used to pay for the identified services in the child’s IEP and not for tuition.

A child is eligible to apply to participate in the program when the child turns three.

Questions about this scholarship at St. Ignatius, please contact Ann Shoemaker, Director of Inclusion.

Questions about the Scholarship use this link.



EdChoice Scholarship Program

The Educational Choice Scholarship (EdChoice) Program provides students from designated public schools the opportunity to attend participating private schools. There are two types of EdChoice Scholarships: Traditional and Expansion.

The Traditional EdChoice Scholarship provides State of Ohio funded scholarships to Ohio residents who would otherwise attend underperforming schools.  This program is based on the student’s residence.

The EdChoice Expansion Scholarship is based on a student’s family income.  This income-based program provides scholarships to students whose family income is at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Forms for this program are provided by the Ohio Department of Education and can be found here.

If you have questions about this scholarship, please contact Patty Thomas by calling (513) 389-3242.


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