Preschool FAQ

What are the age requirements to enroll in St. Ignatius Preschool?
Students must be age 3, 4 or 5 on the first day of school.
What classes are offered for each age level?
Each class will have a certified teacher and an assistant teacher to meet the needs of all students.
3 year olds – Tuesday/Thursday half-days (1:12 staff to child ratio)
4 year olds – Monday/Wednesday/Friday half-days (1:14 staff to child ratio)
5 year olds – pre-K – five full days (1:14 staff to child ratio)
Does the preschool accept students who are potty training?
Children must be potty trained before the first day of school.
Are lunch and snacks included?
Tuition will cover a snack during the day. For the 5-year-old program students will be eating in the cafeteria. School lunch may be purchased in the cafeteria or students may pack a lunch.
Will the tuition discount for multiple children apply to the preschool program?
No, the preschool needs to be self-sustaining and thus no financial aid or discounts are available at this time.
Is the preschool on the same schedule as the K-8 school?
Yes, morning sessions are 8:55 am-11:45 am, afternoon sessions are 12:45 pm-3:30 pm, and full-day pre-K is 8:55 am-3:30 pm. The pre-school will follow the same school calendar of the K-8 school.
Is before- and after-school care offered?
Before- and after-school care participants must be at least five years old.
Do students wear a uniform?
Yes. Boys may both wear pants or shorts. Pants or shorts shall be solid navy blue. Girls may wear a navy polo dress. Girls may wear solid navy, black, or white tights or tight leggings under the uniform jumper. Blouses and shirts are to be solid white or navy with a collar. The shirt or dress may be worn with the official school logo or with no logo. Only the current school logo may be worn on other items of clothing.
Where can uniforms be purchased?
Educational Outfitters (513-417-8373)
Schoolbelles (513-921-3417) School code S2007.
Where is the preschool located?
The preschool classrooms are located in the main school building, with a separate entrance on the east side of the building.  Welcoming and warm learning spaces are appointed with comfortable furniture that is just the right size, and age appropriate equipment and materials that are fun to discover, feel, and share.
Is bussing available for preschoolers?
Private transportation must be provided for all three- and four-year-old preschool students. Bussing may be available for five-year-old Pre-K students. Please check with your school district for more information.
Will there be a waiting list if classes are full?
A limited number of slots are available. First preference will be given to current St. Ignatius families. After openings fill, we will accept names for our wait list. Please see the admissions categories for more information.
If my child attends St. Ignatius Preschool, do they qualify for priority registration for Kindergarten enrollment?
Yes, since the preschool is an extension of our day school, our preschool students will be eligible for priority registration for the next school year.
What type of curriculum will be implemented?
The curriculum is age-appropriate and focuses on children maximizing their God-given gifts.  Hands-on and active lessons will focus on prayer and faith, reading skills, math, science, technology, music, art, service, and positive personal development.

3 and 4-year-old Classroom
5-Year-Old Classroom
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