Dress Code

Dress Code

The complete dress code guidelines can be found in the Family Handbook and are intended to foster a learning atmosphere.

Girls in grades K-4 wear uniform jumpers or pants. Girls in grades 5-8 wear uniform skirts or pants. The skirt length must be at least midway between “fingertip length” and “knee length.” Boys and girls may both wear pants. Pants shall be solid navy blue dress slacks, and a belt must be worn if the pants have belt loops. Girls in all grades may wear solid navy, black, or white tights or tight leggings under the uniform jumper/skirt or pants. Blouses and shirts are to be solid white or navy with a collar and only the top button may remain open. They must be tucked in the skirt or slacks. A shirt may be worn with the official school logo or with no logo.

Most uniform items are available at:

Visible logos and writing on clothing are prohibited with the exception of logos on shoes and socks. Only the current school logo may be worn on other items of clothing.

Please send an explanatory note if you cannot send your child in full compliance with the Dress Code for the day.

Spirit Day Dress Code

On the last Friday that school is scheduled each month, September through May, students may participate in the Spirit Day. Students who choose to participate in the Spirit Day Dress Code will donate $1 and/or a written prayer. The proceeds are donated to a charity.

Students may wear a St. Ignatius spirit wear shirt or jersey, including sports uniforms (unless directed otherwise by their coaches). Sleeveless jerseys can only be worn over an appropriate shirt with sleeves. Sleeves must be at least short-sleeve length. Solid color blue or gold t-shirts may also be worn.

Refer to the Family Handbook for complete dress code.


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