Morning Care & After School Care

Morning Care (Before School Care)

A Morning Care program is offered from 7 to 8:15 am. The fee for this program is $4 per child per day. This includes supervision and an optional cold breakfast. Parents are required to sign their children in each morning. Pre-registration is required except for one-time emergencies. Servers for 7 am Mass may attend Morning Care at no charge. If the school is on a delay, Morning Care will still be available at 7 am.
For additional information regarding Morning Care, please contact Beth Reynolds at

After School Care

An After School Care program (ASC) is offered from 3:30 to 6 pm each day that there is a full day of school. Advance registration is required. Information and registration forms can be obtained from the school office and online. Children may be picked up by parents/guardians any time during that 2 ½ hours, but all children must be picked up by 6 pm.

Fees are $9 per day per child. A $1/minute late fee per child will be charged if children are not picked up by 6 pm. For additional information, please contact the school office at 513-389­-3242 or e­mail Amy Mueller at


After School Care Program Guidelines

The After School Care program is held from 3:30 pm to 6 pm each day that there is a full day of school. Students in grades K-­3 will be picked up from their classrooms at approximately 3:30 pm by an after-school care worker and walked to the Cafeteria. Students in grades 4-­8 will be dismissed from their homeroom shortly after dismissal and will be called over the announcements to the Cafeteria for the After School Care Program.

While children may be picked up by their parents or guardians any time during the 2 1⁄2 hours, all children must be picked up by 6 pm. Parents/guardians need to park their car and enter the school through the Cafeteria doors and sign their child out of the program each day. In efforts to keep our school safe, the doors to the cafeteria remain locked. You will need to ring the doorbell to the left of the cafeteria door and be admitted by one of the staff. Only adults who have been listed on your Approved Pick Up Sheet will be permitted to sign out your child and take them home.

In the case of unforeseen circumstances when a 6 pm pickup is not possible, arrangements must be made by you for an alternate adult to pick up your child. This alternate adult must be on your Approved Pickup Sheet. If this is impossible, call the school office at 513-389­-3242 and press 3 for After School Care. If you cannot reach an After School Care staff member, please call the Parish Office at 513-661­-6565.

We will also release your child to a coach and walk them to practice in the gym or on one of the St. Ignatius sports fields if you have given us written permission ahead of time to do so. Your note should include the coach’s name & field/practice location.

Approximate Schedule:

3:30 – 3:50 pm – Snacks** and drink

3:50 – 4:30 pm – Quiet, independent homework time
Students are strongly encouraged to work on their homework during this time. We will make every effort to give the children any needed assistance with homework. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to see that homework is complete and that the work completed at the After School Care Program is correct. If private tutoring is needed, a separate Tutor List is available.

4:30 – 6 pm – Outside play (weather permitting), or active play in the cafeteria. Play clothes may be sent if desired.

Fees and Scheduling

After School Care Fee is $9 per day per child. Checks should be made payable to St. Ignatius School. A $1/minute per child late fee will be charged if children are not picked up by 6 pm. Reservations and payment should be made by Thursday of the week prior to needing After School Care. A completed After School Care Registration Form must be on file before your child will be permitted to stay. Your payment reserves a spot in the program for your child for the following week. We will schedule childcare workers based on the number of reservations. A $25 fee will be assessed for any returned checks.


The St. Ignatius After School Care program is designed to assist working parents who are not available to pick up their children at regular school dismissal time and do not have other childcare arrangements. The caregivers at After School Care are committed to serving the best interests of the students in the program, which includes providing individual attention, security, and fair treatment for all the children. Opportunities for arts and crafts, games, recreation, snack**, rest time, and homework time will always be available. Caregivers will maintain a comfortable atmosphere that complements the Catholic environment of the home and school. We will only accept children enrolled in St. Ignatius School.


While at the program, all students are expected to respect the safety rules of the program.
No student may play outside or anywhere inside the building without direct supervision.
No student may be dismissed to an unapproved person.
No student may walk or ride bikes home without specific, signed permission from their parents or guardian that has been pre­approved by the principal.
All school rules and regulations for safety and conduct apply to the After School Program.

** Snacks / Food Allergies

With the increasing number of food allergy concerns at St. Ignatius, the task for supplying safe and healthy snacks to all students is a challenge. Unfortunately, a child with food allergies will not be permitted to eat the snack being served by After School Care. With this in mind, we are asking if your child has a food allergy of any kind that you please send your child’s appropriate snack with them. We will gladly store up to a week’s worth of snacks for you in a separate bin (which we can supply), clearly marked with your child’s name on it. We will still provide the drink (unless you want to make other arrangements). Water, juice, Kool­Aid, lemonade, or milk will be available.

Illness and Accident

The After School Care program will have access to and will follow directions given on the Emergency Medical Forms parents have submitted to St. Ignatius School. In cases that appear serious, the caregivers will carry out the instructions given on the Emergency Medical Form and/or call 911. Parents need to have plans for taking their ill children home promptly. Please note the school nurse is not on duty after 3:30 pm. However, if your child should need medication during the After­ School Care program, please make prior arrangements with the school nurse. If a minor injury occurs, basic “first aid” will be administered on the premises.

Early Dismissal

If the school is scheduled for an early dismissal or if inclement weather requires it, the After­School Program will be closed and not available.

For additional information, please contact the school office at 513-389­-3242 or e­mail Beth McErlane-Miller.

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