Lou Eichhold ’89 is the 2024 Distinguished Alum

Each year, we honor one of our alumni who exemplifies the spirit of St. Ignatius of Loyola parish and school. This year, we are proud to award Mr. Lou Eichhold, a 1989 graduate.

Mr. Eichhold has dedicated his life to education and shepherding the academic and spiritual growth of young students. Upon graduation from Mount St. Joseph with an elementary education degree, he taught in the Southwest School District and several years later moved to administration in the Oak Hills District. 

Then God called. A position opened at Our Lady of Visitation, but this move would involve  sacrifices. He vividly remembers a rough Sunday morning, the kind when it was a miracle his family made it to Mass. But Fr. Pete St. George, the then pastor of St. Ignatius, welcomed the congregation by celebrating the Feast Day of the Visitation. There was the answer –  Mr. Eichhold found his home in Catholic education. 

His journey continued to St. Jude where he spent 12 years as the principal. This is his first year as principal at his alma mater, LaSalle High School. He continues to be a parishioner at St. I’s with his wife Nicki, and is the proud father of three graduates Kate: ’10, Lou: ’13, and Jack ’18.  He continues to serve his parish and community being a retreat leader, serving on the board of LaSalle, and received the Lasalle Alumni Service Award in 2011. 

Our Distinguished Alumni are chosen as examples of living out one or more of  the core values of St. Ignatius. Several of the values speak to Mr. Eichhold especially The Centrality of God and the Catholic Faith as a leader of faith at LaSalle. Mr. Eichhold said, “Our faith is the reason why we do what we do; it’s not just because we’re good people, it’s because we are Christlike.”

He reflected on his time as a student here at St. Ignatius. The truth is, he was challenged. He struggled and was not the model student. Yet, he is grateful for his teachers who held him accountable, especially Mrs. Koch. She was his toughest teacher and also the one who had the highest expectations for him. 

Thank you Mr. Eichhold for being a strong example to our students. You remind us that despite the daily struggles, we are each one of God’s children. We are the body of Christ.

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