‘Tis the Season for “Bees”

Nick, Geograph Bee Champion & Will, Spelling Bee Champion

Congrats to the dynamic duo, brothers Will and Nick L.! Will took first place in the school Spelling Bee and Nick won the school Geography Bee.  Over 40 students competed in the annual St. Ignatius Spelling Bee and Geography Bees this month.  Language arts teachers for grades  4th – 8th organized “classroom bees” to determine which students will represent that class in the school wide competition. 

Will will take the Spelling Bee online test in January, and if he qualifies, he will participate in the WCPO Regional Spelling Bee. The Bee is an opportunity for students “to compete and perform in public, often boosting their self-confidence,” said Mr. Donoghue, Bee coordinator. 

The Geography Bee gives students an opportunity to showcase their global knowledge. It’s a unique skill set and there are limited opportunities to share this knowledge. “The Bee is a chance to shine light on the fact that Geography is still an important and necessary topic for students,” said Mr. Edge, social studies teacher.

Congrats to all students who participated! 

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