Pi Day “Round”-Up

March 14 is always an ePIc day at St. Ignatius, and this year was no exception! Under the leadership of Mrs. Amy Gillespie, students celebrated Pi day with a variety of math activities around the building. Circles filled the hallways, along with signs containing fun facts about Pi. Even the cafeteria staff joined the fun by serving round pizzas for lunch and treating teachers with a variety of delicious pies.

One of the hallmarks of Pi Day is the Pi Digit Memorization Contest. This year, 213 students studied at home and recited the digits to their math teachers. The following students recited the highest number of digits in their grade level:

  • Kindergarten: Nolan A., 36 digits,
  • Grade 1: Sophia P., 121 digits,
  • Grade 2: Jackson R., 287 digits,
  • Grade 3: Sam G., 136 digits,
  • Grade 4: Nicholas P., 161 digits,
  • Grade 5: Abby R., 279 digits,
  • Grade 6: Jack S., 192 digits,
  • Grade 7: Ian K., 212 digits,
  • Grade 8: Hanna W., 548 digits.

Sixth-grader Kyle G. was this year’s school champion. He recited 2,019 digits in less than 30 minutes, only stopping in honor of the year “2019.”

St. Ignatius alumnus Jared R. still ranks among the top Pi memorizers in the world, having memorized 2,012 digits in the year 2012. He was an eighth-grader at the time. Jared currently ranks 28th in the United States, 32nd in North America and 88th in the world. Kyle plans to submit his entry to the official Pi World Ranking List for approval later this spring.

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