All-School Day of Service 2019

Day of Service Cultivates Community

During this past week, St. Ignatius participated in the first ever, school-wide day of service. Every child and staff member in the building learned about an organization, then created an item to be shared at that non-profit. The energy in the building during this time was amazing, and it was truly inspirational to see and hear this entire building focused on caring for others, as Jesus missioned us to do.

Students in grades K and 6 worked together and learned about Bayley Place and made placemats for the residents. 1st and 8th graders teamed up and made decorative tissue boxes to be shared with more residents at Bayley and retired Sisters at the McAuley Convent. Grades 2 and 7 worked together and made fleece scarves to be shared with patients and families that attend the Crossroads Clinic and patients who are receiving dialysis. Our 3rd graders created a beautiful collection of friendship bracelets to be sent to our twinning parish in Guatemala. 4th grade had parishioners come in and share what they gain from coming to daily Mass. After the presentations, they made bookmarks to be handed out to parishioners who attend Mass each day expressing our gratitude. Finally, grade 5 decorated brown paper bags and then made lunches for the homeless of Cincinnati that seek shelter at City Gospel Mission.

This story reminds us of Cultivating Community, a core value of St. Ignatius Loyola School. The school engages students and their families in a dynamic experience. The students enter the school as a individuals, but soon become an integral part of the school, the Catholic Church, and the larger community. Students develop a sense of the responsibility to strengthen these communities through volunteerism, good citizenship, and outward love for Jesus Christ.

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