2022 Distinguished Alumni Call for Nominations

Each year during Catholic Schools Week, we recognize one of our alumni with the St. Ignatius Distinguished Alumni Award, and we want to hear from you! Visit https://bit.ly/DistAlumNom to share your submission. Our alumni team will review all submissions and choose our favorite(s) to be printed in the next issue of AMDG news.

Submissions are due by Monday, January 17.

Need inspiration?

Look no further than the six core values of St. Ignatius School, and consider how your nominee demonstrates one or more of these values: 

The Centrality of God and the Catholic Faith: We celebrate a strong Catholic tradition while maintaining Christ-centered academics and activities on a day-to-day basis. The presence of God is a constant at St. Ignatius School. Together, with their parents, the school introduces their students to the legacy of the Catholic faith. This provides a strong foundation which instills ethics, morals, and a love for Jesus Christ.

Focusing on the Whole Child: The staff and faculty focus on the whole child, realizing the importance of spiritual, academic, physical, emotional, moral, intellectual, artistic, and social development. This comprehensive, whole child approach provides an environment where each student’s unique abilities are both embraced and challenged, building the foundation for greater self-worth and life-long happiness.

Celebrating Diversity: Embracing all God’s Children: Utilizing Christian law as our cornerstone and the Commandment “Love your neighbor as yourself,” St. Ignatius School embraces diverse talents, abilities, and backgrounds. Our commitment to this Commandment begins with the inclusion of all students.

Modeling Stewardship: St. Ignatius School’s faculty, staff, and families provide examples of stewardship as they care for their community, their school, and their students. Their benevolence for the students and the respect that the students learn by their example creates a cycle of stewardship. Our children learn to be stewards of the Catholic Church, the earth, the community, and their individual gifts. St. Ignatius School is a training ground, teaching students to become good stewards both today and in the future.

Continuous Improvement: St. Ignatius School deliberately and intentionally works to continuously improve. We aim to be the best at getting better. Already a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and a recognized leader in academics and inclusion, the faculty is constantly planning for the future and building on its current success. Both the school and the students are constantly reaching toward their personal best.

Cultivating Community: The school engages students and their families in a dynamic experience. The students enter the school as individuals, but soon become an integral part of the school, the Catholic Church, and the larger community. Students develop a sense of the responsibility to strengthen these communities through volunteerism, good citizenship, and outward love for Jesus Christ.


About the award: The St. Ignatius of Loyola Distinguished Alumni Award was established in 1993 to honor graduates of St. Ignatius School. The award serves to bring honor to the school community and advance the mission of the school. Past awardees have included doctors, dentists, teachers, business people, and community volunteers.


St. Ignatius of Loyola School Distinguished Alumni:

George Riehle, Sr., 1993

Barb Campbell, 1994

Don Ruberg, 1995

James Rutenschroer, 1996

Tom Ball, 1997

Mary Ann Bosse, 1998

George R. Riehle, 1999

Lois Kock, 2000

Dr. Robert R. Burger, 2001

Laura Sieve, 2002

Robyn Hyle, 2003

Dan Marschner, 2004

Larry Kiefer, 2005

Mike Houser, 2006

Lori Tankersley, 2007

Arthur J. Ranz, DDS, 2008

Michelle McMahon, 2009

Eric Sudrup, SJ, 2010

James Redden, 2011

Bridget Eichhold, 2012

Robert Hewald, 2013

Ronald Hewald, 2013

Michelle Yee Louis, 2014

Samantha Morrissey, 2015

Dan Klare, 2016

Doug Donoghue, 2017

Cindy Olson, 2018

Katie Bergmann, 2019

Brendan Male, 2020

Patty Thomas, 2021

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