More Seating In Mass Starting June 5 & 6

With the resumption of the Sunday obligation, we are attempting to increase our Seating capacity in Church. 

Center back seating is reserved for those who would like to remain more socially distanced.  Center back seating is the same as it has been for the last several months, every-other-row seating (Yellow and Blue Pews). If you sit in this section, Communion will be brought to you in your pew.

Side and Center front seating is for those who feel comfortable sitting every row. The Mary (I-74 side),  Joseph (School side), and the center front sections will provide seating in EVERY PEW. Those who sit in the side sections will form a procession at the time of Communion, exiting their pews to the left, moving to the right to receive Communion, and return to their pews.Those who sit in the center front sections will form a procession going down the center aisle to receive Communion. 

Please see the graphic for the new seating arrangements. 

There will be no overflow seating in Loyola Hall. We appreciate your patience as we work toward welcoming parishioners back to Church.



Full Church Layout of Seating

Click graphic to enlarge



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