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IggyFest 2020 Main Award

Main Award

New for 2020, buy your IggyFest 2020 Main Award Tickets online through WeShare, our online offering platform. Use the order form on this page to purchase tickets online. Paper tickets will still be available in the parish office for pre-sale.

What : IggyFest 2020 Main Award

When: 5/14 – 8/18 (Online Portion)

Cost: 1 Ticket for $25, 5 Tickets for $100

Tickets purchased online will become paper tickets and placed in the hopper with all other tickets.

Winners drawn on Sunday
August 23, 2020

1 – Grand Prize        $10,000
1 – Second Prize     $2,000
4 – Third Prize         $500 ea
10 – Fourth Prize    $100 ea

Raffle Manager Contact: festivalchair@sainti.org

Due to the uncertainties surrounding mass gatherings related to the COVID-19 Pandemic, prize structure dependent on selling more than 1100 tickets. If total tickets sold is less than or equal to 1100, grand prize will 30% of the gross revenue from tickets sold, and each other prize will be weighted against an additional 20% of the gross revenue from tickets sold.  Prizes shall never exceed their advertised amount.



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