15 Promises of the Rosary

Monday, November 28 •
The Day the Tide Turned

What if I told you that there is no problem, no matter how difficult it is, whether temporal or above all spiritual, in the personal life of each one of us, of our families… that cannot be solved by standing on one foot each day for 15-20 minutes. What if I said it again…that there is no problem, no matter how difficult it is, that cannot be solved by doing this.

Would you do it?

Would you try it even if you were a skeptic? Would you do it out of desperation for a situation in which you find yourself or a loved one? Would you do it if it came from a source whose fidelity and love were the most solid you have ever known?
Sister Lucia dos Santos, one of the children to whom Our Lady appeared at Fatima said these very words about the rosary, which arguably is much easier to recite than standing on one foot for 15 minutes.

Journey with us over the next 15 weeks as we explore and dive into the power of the Holy Rosary by sharing the 15 promises revealed to St. Dominic by Our Lady (to whom the rosary was first given in the 12th century) and later to Blessed Alan de la Roche (who reignited devotion to the rosary in the 15th century).

Can we trust what Mary has promised? Is there even any question?
Is your heart aching, your world in turmoil or are your anxieties many? Are your children struggling, a loved one ill, a marriage in distress or any other life difficulty weighing heavily on your soul? Are you seeking God’s will for your life, discerning or questioning a big decision, or feeling stagnant in you relationship with God? Join us each week and we will unlock the power of the rosary and then invite you to take up this beautiful devotion. We will journey together, as a parish community, and reveal the beautiful fruits and abundant graces that spill from recitation of the rosary.

The power of the rosary will change your life.


Rosary articles are shared by our Parish Health Minister, Kate Rewwer. 

More information about the Holy Family School of Faith Daily Meditations can be found at https://www.schooloffaith.com/daily-rosary-meditations

Promise 1 

Promise 2 

Promise 3

Promise 4

Promise 5 

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